Asterisk11 via Optware on Tomato

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Asterisk11 via Optware on Tomato


Hello Everyone!

I recently installed the Shibby version of TomatoUSB on my Belkin N600 router along with optware.

I also installed Asterisk11 and all the extra packages via optware.

I have a functioning Asterisk install using Cisco 7940 phones running SIP firmware with some issues...

I loaded the Shibby extra packages for Tomato as well.

Putting a call on hold when music on hold is enabled immediately crashes Asterisk.
Disabling the [default] class in the musiconhold.conf file allows me to use the hold feature without crashing Asterisk. Any IVR functions also crash ASterisk when Asterisk tries to play a file.

Asterisk18 exhibits the same issues on my install of Shibby Tomato as well.

I am leaning toward a problem with my install or an issue with Shibby Tomato.

Does anyone have a fully functional Asterisk box running on TomatoUSB?
If so, what version and build of Tomato are you using?

Any help is will be appreciated.


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