Bug with package 'gawk' from feeds 'cs**q*armel'

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Bug with package 'gawk' from feeds 'cs**q*armel'

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Good evening.

I found a strange bug with the gawk from this feed (same behavior with the other cs**q*armel):

...when running on 2 different Synology NAS: a DS214 and a DS214+, with system DSM4.3.

Description: the "print $1" (or any other token number) splits nothing and prints the whole line.

Example with the demo at the end of the default display:

gawk -F: '{ print $1 }' /etc/passwd
prints the whole content of passwd, instead of only a list of user names.

I tried to add a {print FS} and the FS selected, either by -F: or explicitly with BEGIN{FS=":"} is properly replied.
But it is visibly ignored when/if trying to split the inbound text.

The gawk (same version 4.0.1) from 2 others feeds I could try, work fine under same conditions.

For instance, used on a DS110+ with same version of DSM, works fine:

I verified on the 2 NAS that there is no interference: this is actually the gawk from the feed that executes.
In all cases, gawk was installed properly using the ipkg from the same feed.
I also installed other packages: nail, rsync, nano... that all work fine.

Any idea of the reason, that could lead to a workaround ?

Thanks, Best regards.

* Patrick B
* France