New target: how to build ipkg binary?

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New target: how to build ipkg binary?

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Hi there,

I finally traced my tcpdump issue to it being a 32-bit binary running on
x86_64. I have therefore started using the master Makefile to try and
build packages for a new target, syno-x86_64.

The building process itself went pretty much OK. However, my (32-bit)
ipkg apparently refuses to install the packages I've produced. I'm
thinking I might need to update ipkg with its 64-bit version … but I
could find no explanation on how to do this.
In fact, following instructions on various pages on, I
ended up with 3 different folder structures that I'm having a hard time
finding my way through. But that's another issue.

The bottom-line is I'd love to help build and maintain the x86_64
target, but I'm probably missing a few building blocks. If only we could
come up with a straightforward documentation on how to build everything
from scratch, without having to refer to half a dozen wikipages in the
process, that would be great :)

Romain Rivière