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Optware for x86 Syno NAS : md5deep hashdeep


Sory I don't speak english corecly

After update md5deep 3.9.2-1 to 4.3-1 I hav a problème

Where can I download the old package version ?

The new package url :

I don't hav the old package


SH Log :

/tmp/test # ls
test1  test2

/tmp/test # hashdeep -lc md5,sha1,sha256,tiger,whirlpool test* > hashfile

/tmp/test # ls
hashfile  test1  test2

/tmp/test # cat hashfile
%%%% HASHDEEP-1.0
%%%% size,md5,sha1,sha256,tiger,whirlpool,filename
## Invoked from: /tmp/test
## # hashdeep -lc md5,sha1,sha256,tiger,whirlpool test1 test2

/tmp/test # hashdeep -c md5,sha1,sha256,tiger,whirlpool -mk hashfile test*
hashdeep: hashfile: Invalid (null) hash in line 6
hashdeep: hashfile: Invalid (null) hash in line 7
hashdeep: hashfile: contains some bad hashes, using anyway
hashdeep: Unable to load any matching files.
Try `hashdeep -h` for more information.

/tmp/test #