Request for porting Lusca

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Request for porting Lusca

Hi guys,

I am using dd-wrt and want to cache some youtube videos using Lusca (fork of Squid). Lusca is not yet ported to optware, so I tried to edit the page:

but it asks me password...

Anyway, how is the best form of requesting new port ?


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Re: Request for porting Lusca

Anthony Takata
Ooh... not sure if you would want to try running a proxy/cache server on
the slug. It's already bogged down enough with a mere web server...
As far as requesting a port, posting here was a good idea, I'm not sure
what the wiki password is.
There are guides out there on how to make a dev environment (both inside
and outside the slug), but most of the information seems fairly outdated.
I would recommend checking the performance of this program on a normal
distribution, gauge the memory and CPU requirements (trust me, attempting
to rely on swapping does more harm than good when working with the slug),
and see if it is even feasible.
Best of luck!

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> Lusca

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