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Tomato and Optware Asterisk MOH


I recently installed Asterisk via optware on a TomatoUSB based router.
I am using this system with Cisco 7940 phones.
It is fantastic with one exception...

Upon installation, I realized everytime I put a call on hold, Asterisk would crash.

After troubleshooting this, I realized that if I commented out the default section of the musiconhold.conf file,
hold works without crashing, but I don't have music on hold.

I have also tried to setup an IVR system, but results were similar with Asterisk crashing upon trying to play the files.

I originally tried Asterisk18, and it had the same issue.
I moved to Asterisk11 with hopes it wold be corrected.
I also tried raspbian and the Asterisk package on my Raspberry pi.
This worked immediately without intervention....but it isn't my goal.

I prefer to use the optware package on tomato if possible.

I'm not aware of anyone at the moment that could help and google searches for the problem have been fruitless, except for what
appears to be identical problems on tomato.

If anyone could assist or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!