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Ciao ....
Mi chiamo Alessandro, I living in Italy from Trieste.
Il mio Problema Più grande con NSLU2 (Unslung) E' Che una volta giocato troppo, non rispondono più le porte USB.  come posso ripristinare le porte USB?

  Server Name: LKGAB6632    Version: V-uNSLUng-6.10-beta    IP Address:    USB Port 1: Not Installed    USB Port 2: Not Installed***************************************************************************
 partizionato disco fisso da 38 GB con GPARTED LIVE per provare; NSLU2 preferiva formattare da se prima del danno.
Ma non serve, NSLU2 (uNSLUng) non vede le periferiche, leds off
all'avvio lui lampeggia tutti i leds, senza montare .....
 (file: config.bin)


 Volevo uno script in TELNET per risolvere, è possibile?


 (file: config.bin)

 config/                                                                                             0000755 0000000 0000000 00000000000 12441070037 011017  5                                                                                                    ustar   root                            root                                                                                                                                                                                                                   config/CGI_ds.conf                                                                                  0000644 0000000 0000000 00000001457 12441070037 012765  0                                                                                                    ustar   root                            root                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [network]


Volevo uno script in TELNET per risolvere, è possibile?

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Re: USBnotFaund-unslung

Linux mailing list
Hi Alessandro,

I hope you can use 'Google Translation' to understand what I write here:

Before you can unsling the operating system into a USB drive, you must format it using the GUI of the NSLU2. Go to the IP address, port 8080 and use the Administration to format the disk.  When it completes formating the disk, you should click on Telnet in the menu of the GUI and  be able then to run telnet in a terminal to connect to your NSLU2.

Then run:  unsling diskX

where X=1 or 2, depending which disk you were formating.

If this was a sudden failure (like mine has been) then it is quite likely that your power supply is faulty and you should replace it, just as I am about to do.  :-)

Hope this helps.
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Re: USBnotFaund-unslung

Linux mailing list
I had to repair my power supply, because it would no longer mount the disk.  To open the casing I used a small vice and *slowly* put pressure on either end of the casing, just below the mains lead.  This broke the glued joint on one side and I was able to detach the casing using my hands.

A 33μF 400V 105°C electrolytic capacitor was faulty, I could see it was slightly domed.  I replaced this with a 47μF 450V 105°C capacitor, because I could not find an exact match.  The new capacitor is larger and the casing will not fit completely.  I used some electricians tape to secure it and measured the output at the jack, which was now 0.9 to 1V higher, with no load applied.

Booting the NSLU2 mounted the USB drive and was able to read it.  A couple of reboots later I have not yet experienced any other problems.  There are another 3 capacitors in the power supply, which I have not yet replaced:

2 x 1000μF 10V 105°C
1 x 10μF 50V 105°C

I could not find exact replacements for those, so I bought:

2 x 1000μF 16V 105°C
1 x 10μF 63V 105°C

If the NSLU2 plays up in the future I will replace these too.

Of course, it may have been easier to replace the whole power supply, but I couldn't find any in Amazon showing the actual volts and amperes on the label - they were blanked out.  So I didn't want to risk it.

Hope this helps.