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Sean Butler


First, I hope -general is an ok place for this.  If not I will move to

I'm relatively new to NSLU2's; in fact, mine should be arriving today.
:-)  But I've spent the past week or so reading all sorts of entries
over at the wiki, and I'm still not 100% certain what to do.

Here's a list of the things I want to do with my slug:

  - set up automatic backups from a couple of PC's and
    macs on a nightly basis using something like rsync
    or dirvish

  - i have a usb2 drive that i currently use for backups,
    and it would be great if I could use that off one
    of the ports without having to reformat and lose
    the data currently there.  but if this is not possible,
    I can move it all to the new drive that is coming

  - move all my music over to a drive off the slug and
    run the itunes server

  - i perfer setting up nfs and not smb to mount the drive(s)
    from remote locations

  - set up an ftp server and limit access to a couple of
    directories (proftpd)

  - ideally, I would like to be able to take at least one
    of the drives off the slug, and plug it into either
    a mac or pc via usb2 and use it directly without
    any issues

  - i'd like to be able to "mirror" the data, either to a
    2nd drive on the slug, or to a 3rd drive using a usb
    hub (see next item).  this would be a drive i could keep
    off-site and just sync every month or so.  (alternatively,
    i may just look to rsync it to a server on the net)

  - finally, a longer term goal is to be able to use a usb hub
    and have more than 2 drives and potentially other usb devices.
    it looks like this is not yet (fully?) supported with unslung?

I do like the idea of debian, but that looks like a fair amount of
install work when compared to unslung.  I know in the future this may
not be the case...

Thanks for any input.


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