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added ASUSTOR Optware target

Thomas Kupper
Good day,

I recently bought an ASUSTOR NAS and was missing Optware. So I got the
optware building system and added asustor-i686 and asustor-x86_64 targets.

I put it on github since that's the fastest way for me to 'backup' it
( Now I'd like to see if there's a
way to get it added to the official repository. Right now the IPKs (1208
for i686|1151 for x86_64) can be found on for the two
targets. Although only the x86_64 packages are referred to in the
Optware package for ASUSTOR. For the i686 NAS I refer to the i686g25 target.

The ASUSTOR NAS toolchain uses GCC 4.6.3/glibc-2.13 and I did compile it
Ubuntu 12.04. To make it compile I had to patch quite a few packages
(~80) and update (~25) some others. Some seem related to GCC > 4.2 and
some because of 64-bit packages build.

So, since I guess there's no chance that a nobody gets 80 patches
approved which were build with a non-standard build-system I'd like to
know what the next steps would be.

* I realise now that you use Ubuntu 10.10 - silly me thought he might
find the infos on the website. Would it help if I try to compile on
Ubuntu 10.10 and see which patches were necessary?

* Is it correct that no other target uses a GCC > 4.2? I don't have much
knowledge of programming and gcc versions. But searching the internet
for fixes of the compiling problems I got it seems that there were
changes in GCC > 4.2 which made it necessary to add some headers. Like
limits.h and stdlib.h to some packages.

Have a good day and a good start into a brand new year!